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Comment from: Daniel Michelsen [Visitor]  

I had a Showers Pass rain jacket that was wonderful, until it was washed. My wife washed it following their care directions to the letter. It experienced total failure. I was soaked to the skin within a few minutes of rain starting.

Showers Pass said they would replace it, but have reneged saying it is “too used.” This expensive jacket was 10 months at complete waterproofing failure.

11/12/13 @ 18:03
Comment from: David [Visitor]

The same thing happened to my Showers Pass Touring jacket! They did replace it, but the laminate portion on the replacement has started tearing again, so I’m looking for a different jacket.

I also agree that the black portions of the jacket just aren’t waterproof. Sure, most people don’t bike for hours in the rain, but people who tour do.

The next jacket *might* be another Showers Pass, since I’ve never had any problem with the yellow portion of the jacket, but I’m a little annoyed that their touring jacket was advertised as such without actually being suitable for the job.

I’m not sure why so few cycling jackets have front pockets. Ah well.

12/09/13 @ 22:43

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